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I've Always Been in Love With Boston's Chinatown and You Should Be, Too

My relationship with Chinatown started as many affairs do: intrigue with a hint of danger. Back in those dirty old Boston days, Chinatown’s reputation was pretty dodgy. The "Combat Zone" moniker hung around like the scent of stale beer and smoke the morning after. Walking home through the city at night, I was warned to avoid this neighborhood.
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Food allergy sufferers negotiate the minefields of dining out

An almost imperceptible reaction flickered across the waiter’s face when I broke the news: “I have a dairy allergy.”. He seemed annoyed. I winced. But then he smiled and assured me, “Once I...
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Food allergies: Tips for diners

Food allergies can be fatal. If you think you have food allergies, know that there is no cure, no pill. Only a proper diagnosis and strict avoidance will help. Once you and your doctor ascertain which allergies or sensitivities you have, you will be able to enjoy eating in restaurants again. Here are five strategies for dining out with food allergies, gleaned from chefs, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and my own experience.
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Don’t let food allergies ground your travel

If you’ve got a food allergy, travel presents special challenges. Whether you’re planning a short European business trip, sending a child to summer camp, or gearing up for a sub-Saharan music festival, there’s a lot to consider. For one thing, there’s relatively little awareness of food allergies in many countries.
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From Cold and Slow to Hot and Fast

Consider the poor abalone. Precious, misunderstood and hunted to near extinction. It’s one of the oldest known creatures in existence. It’s been a part of California’s culinary and coastal heritage for thousands of years.
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A Hidden Gem in the Pacific Northwest

Travelers love discovering new places. The joy of sharing these secret finds is tempered only by the fear that we’ll soon see it overrun by hordes of new travelers, changing what made us fall in love with “our” special place to begin with. Some secrets are too good not to share, however; so share we must.
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From Cara Cara to Kumquats: Seasonal Citrus

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Boston Food Trucks Roll Into Brick & Mortar Operations

The early road to Boston’s food truck scene was littered with speed bumps and orange cones. From established restaurants worried about competition, to the bureaucracy of licensing, early food truck owners needed equal measures of chutzpah and mustard to champion a new way to feed Boston. Back in 2008, the public was hungry, the hungry were mobile, and the mobile were tweeting.

The Evolution of Fan Food: Stadium Offerings Reflect a More Educated Consumer

What are the top three foods you think of when you hear “ball park” or “stadium?”. Most would answer: hot dogs, peanuts, Cracker Jack. Increasingly, the answer is: local, sustainable, gluten-free. In fact, the traditional foods are still big fan favorites. However, food trends like locally grown (sometimes very locally grown, like at Boston’s Fenway Park rooftop garden), sustainable, and gluten-free are driving the evolution of fan food.

What's on Tap — Besides Beer?

When you think of what’s on tap, you think of beer. There’s a growing trend in bars around Boston to serve a variety of beverages on draft. Could there be a better time than the dog days of summer to expand the offerings at your bar? If you’d like to venture beyond the typical taps, just ask Boston bars what they’re pulling.

Out of the Park: 7 Fenway Restaurants to Dig Into Before (or During) the Game

Gone are the days when the only thing to eat on game day was a Fenway Frank or a box of Cracker Jack. In fact, stadiums all over the country have enjoyed an evolution in fan food that is worthy of a giant wave. Surrounding Boston’s Fenway Park, the Kenmore Square neighborhood offers a growing variety of dining options.


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